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  1. Vokazahn
    Subroutine definition is - a subordinate routine; specifically: a sequence of computer instructions for performing a specified task that can be used repeatedly.
  2. Kikus
    Subroutine definition, an instruction sequence in a machine or assembly language program that can be prewritten and referred to as often as needed. See more.
  3. Dataxe
    Define subroutine. subroutine synonyms, subroutine pronunciation, subroutine translation, English dictionary definition of subroutine. n. Computers A set of instructions that performs a specific task for a main routine, requiring direction back to the proper place in the main routine on.
  4. Maujind
    Sep 14,  · Subroutine definition: a section of a computer program that is stored only once but can be used when required at | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  5. Dogore
    Apr 01,  · A routine or subroutine, also referred to as a function, procedure, and subprogram, is code called and executed anywhere in a program. For example, a routine may be used to save a file or display the time. Instead of writing the code each time these commonly performed tasks are needed, routines are created and called when these tasks need to be performed.
  6. Tygojas
    The subroutine is the way to create procedural abstraction, but it is also the instrument of modularization as it splits the program text into self contained parts with a hierarchy. In other words, a subroutine is subjected to control by a main program that contains its invocations.
  7. Yogore
    A subroutine is a piece of code that performs a specific task and does not return a result. Subroutines are used to break down large pieces code into small manageable parts. Let's say you have created a user interface with text boxes for accepting user input data. You can create a subroutine that clears the contents of the text boxes.
  8. Meshakar
    A Perl subroutine or function is a group of statements that together performs a task. You can divide up your code into separate subroutines. How you divide up your code among different subroutines is up to you, but logically the division usually is so each function performs a specific task.
  9. Kagagor
    Nov 12,  · Subroutine nesting is a common Programming practice In which one Subroutine call another Subroutine. Figure – Subroutine calling another subroutine From the above figure, assume that when Subroutine 1 calls Subroutine 2 the return address of Subroutine .

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